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Hit button to access the  following documents that outline the past, current and ongoing research completed as part of the Culver Archaeological Project, alongside relevant literature relating to the archaeology of the local area.

Bridge farm

Bridge Farm 2013 (BRF13) post excavation report for Trenches 1-4

Rob Wallace (2014)

Bridge Farm 2018-23: Trench 7  excavation summary (Section 8 of the above)(D.Millum 2024)

Bridge Farm 2011-23:  a slide presentation giving a a general introduction to the project

David Millum (2023)

Project Design: for the fieldworks during the 2018/2024 seasons

David Millum (2018 rev 2022)

To CAP it all: the site manual for Bridge Farm and all CAP projects (Revised 7th edition for 2022)


Bridge Farm 2014 (BF14) post-excavation report for Trench 5.

David Millum (2021)

​BF14 Parts 1-3: Fieldworks & Results

The Written and Drawn records

BF14 Part 4: Specialist reports

Bridge Farm 2015-17 (BF15-17) post-excavation report for Trench 6.

David Millum (initial draft 2021)

​BF15-17 Part 1: Fieldworks & Results

Roadside Settlement, Small Town, or Something Else? Exploring the nature of the settlement at Bridge Farm in the Roman Period. Blake Galloway (2023)

CULVER FARM                         Surrounding area

Roman Roads: Discoveries on the Culver Archaeological Project 2005-2021. Rob Wallace (2022)

Revealing a Roman road in Pond Field, Barcombe 2005-2013

David Millum (2016)

Revealing a Roman road  in Court House Field, Barcombe 2005-2009  

David Millum (2022)

Culver Farm fieldwork 2007-2013

1. An intruiging first 7 years

2. Romano-British hanging oil lamp

3. Tracing the Roman road (geophysics)

D. Millum & R. Wallace (2011-14)

Mapping the archaeology of Ringmer parish to AD1349

David Millum (2011)

Impact of Rome

Dr David Rudling (2016)

The Upper Ouse in the medieval 1066-1499 David Millum (2016)

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