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Recording and Finds Processing take over

For probably the first time ever the site closed for digging on the appointed day (8th July). We waved farewell to students and volunteers with many promises of returning next year.

This allowed us a week for context checking and recording, section and plan drawing and for the Finds Unit to try to catch up with the processing, although still leaving a mountain of marking. The increasing temperatures and contrasting bright sunshine and deep shadows made photography a lottery and drawing tricky, especially if your giant sunshade blew away in a thankful blast of warm breeze. But the excellent team of of Director Rob and Supervisors Andy (B), Rich and Nat, assisted by George and possibly hindered by DHM, reckon they have fully captured the year's efforts and data (deskwork during the winter will hopefully confirm). Andy S and Andy F complimented the recording efforts with some site cleaning and clearing ready for the Open Morning on the 16th.

This once more proved a popular event despite the tour guides lacking any answers as to what exactly was going on in the 1st-5th centuries AD other than there was a lot of it, mainly concerning large deep pits with burning and lots a broken beakers (so someone was having a good time then as now).

As the archaeology goes ever deeper we will return to Trench 7 in 2023 for a fifth year in this intriguing, if so far baffling, central area. Thanks again to all who took part this year, with especial mention of Nancy and Mike in Finds and Mark Stroude for puuting up with it all on his farm..

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