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Good weather for digging at last

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The undergrads from Canterbury Christ Church University finally got a week of good weather (almost too good at times) to really get on with putting into practice the skills they have learnt during the earlier part of their training course. Old features have been revisted and/or extended and new features excavated, sections drawn and site plans update, in this the last week of their 4 weeks on site.

But volunteers need not fret as there is still plenty to do before the end of the season when the trench is due to be closed (I know you've heard that before).

Of particular interest is the figure-of-8 kiln/stokehole that has been partially half-sectioned this week with a preliminary plan being completed before the predicted thunderstorms of this weekend. The large pit in the centre of the west end of the trench also needs a lot of work over the next few weeks to establish both its full extend and hopefully its purpose.

Its all change from Monday when volunteers replace students for last the weeks of the season. We look forward to meeting old friends albeit for a much reduced period this year due to government Covid restrictions and safety practicalities. We thank you for your patience and continued interest.

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