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We love CBM

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Although CBM might seem like a mundane find, we have uncovered some interesting pieces this week and started to investigate the wider relationship between CBM types found at Barcombe villa, the bathhouse and the settlement where we are currently excavating. Owen from the University of Bournemouth has begun completing pXRF analysis on samples from all three sites; including examples of 'wasters' from the tile kiln found on the outskirts of the settlement.

Excitingly, the stamped tile that we have had this week might be connected to a tile kiln at Hartfield, though further investigations are required to explore this correlation more fully. Here's hoping for some interesting conclusions and a way of fitting our settlement into the wider context of Romano-British life.

Just put in a photo of an amphora stamp as well just to see who is awake!

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David Millum

The Hartfield connection now seems unlikely but research is still underway to see if this is a stamped tile or intricate cross combing. Another interesting development is several pieces of tegula with serpentine combing usually only seen on box-flue for keying to plaster (?).

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