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Exploring the wider landscape at Barcombe

The week has continued with more changeable weather including heavy rain, strong winds and one unusually beautiful sunny day. Although we have not always been able to work on site for safety reasons (so much mud), the teaching and finds processing has progressed well; our fieldschool students have covered drawing skills, photography, standing building survey and finds processing. Today has been a full day of geophysics using resistivity including the setting out of grids and data collection.

This year our attention has turned to King's Field which is positioned slightly above Barcombe Villa and is historically known to have been the location of the campsite for the King's troops prior to the Battle of Lewes (1264). Though the medieval archaeology is not what we are aiming to study, the field's proximity to the villa leaves us hopeful of there being Romano-British activity. The results from the geophysics survey will be added to our ever-growing picture of the wider landscape in and around Barcombe. Updates of the results will be shared in due course!

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