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Exciting features at end of week 7

The central quartered pit now looks as though it could be even bigger than previously thought with a possible rectangular area heading west from the current excavation. The red burnt clay at the centre of the quarters may now be the edge rather than the centre of the feature (see photo below).

We now have a much more defined cambered edge to the E-W road still being uncovered and planned by the students.

The chalk and burnt clay feature now appears to be just a small deposit of material at the end of a figure of eight feature which looks as if it could be a small circular kiln and adjacent stokehole. This is in the area where hundreds of 20mm cube tile tesserae have been found and more are showing within the western circle of this feature.

There looks to plenty of work still to be done in the last 4 weeks of this year's season with the discoveries becoming more interesting with every dry day.

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