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Culver 2019 is well under way!

We have begun at last and are off to a fantastic start! In a complete change from most previous years, there are no weeds on site thanks to the work of Andy and Rob who put the site to bed at the end of last season. Though there is a lot of work to do, the CCCU students have made wonderful progress with the highly valued help of our volunteers; we have begun taking back the eastern end of the trench in the hope of more kiln structures and postholes. Drawing has also started in earnest to complete some gaps in the site record and to make sure that we have a full picture of the late Roman level that we have uncovered so far. Mike Allen has been on-site today to teach Environmental Archaeology and there is geophysics and surveying to follow soon.

Plenty of work available both on-site and in finds processing, all welcome from beginners to experienced. Email us at and come get involved!

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