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  • David Millum

2019 excavation: Trench 7 awaits!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Trench 7 under raps awaiting the new season

Trench 7 is presently under a protective covering of black plastic sheeting and straw bags awaiting its uncovering just prior to the new digging season from June 3rd. It was opened in 2018 in the centre of this Roman-period settlement revealing some intriguing features including a section of road, a possible lime kiln and rows of postholes. But there is still a lot more to find and lots of unanswered questions to investigate. We kept the finds unit busy with over 17,000 sherds of Romano-period pottery including a high percentage of fine-wares with decorated samian, amphora and motaria; yet over most of the trench we have only scratched the surface of the archaeology.

2019 promises to be just as interesting as we delve deeper into both the archaeology and chronology of this area over the central crossroads of the defended vicus.

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