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Better weather, new features, lots of finds

The site has been extremely busy over the last 3 weeks with 50 students plus volunteers for 2 of them dropping to 25 students for last week and next (the last official week of the dig). Whilst we are still concentrating on those areas openned in 2018, new features are beginnning to emerge in the new 500sq.m. extension. The large pits discovered in 2019 (F38) and 2022 (F48) are still going down with F38north having a thick layer of mixed cbm fragments and burnt clay with a charcoal rich layer below. Some questions are being answered in the sections revealed but as always these only raise more questions.

In the new section a curving deposit of slag looks like becoming another deep pit which will hopefully give us further clues to the activity in this area and not be as 'clean' as some of the other features excavated to date.

Finds are too numerous to list here but include fineware pottery and metal objects including iron styli and bronze tweezers plus a copper alloy tack buckle featuring a horses head.

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