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An area closed and another openned

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

This week (August 22nd -26th) we have had a mechanical digger on the site closing the western 20 metres of Trench 7 and openning another 20 metres to the north. This will give a fresh area to investigate next year as well as allowing us to complete those major features found during 2021 in the eastern part of the trench.

And following on from the new Finds Unit, for those who have struggled each year with erecting various, now defunct, site tents we have decided that enough is enough and have acquired a secure site office on wheels that can be taken out to site and will not blow down or let in the rain over paperwork and equipment (alas a month too late to save my fieldbook).

A winter of sorting records and updating spreadsheets awaits whilst looking forward to another summer excavation season in 2022.

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