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We wish everyone and very Happy Christmas and look forward to being able to welcome you back for a full summer excavation in 2022

Bridge Farm Volunteers

A big thank you to all our volunteers.

Sadly due to Covid restrictions the 2021 volunteer season had to be cut short but those that came were pleased to be back out on site. Hopefully next year will allow a return to full participation in a newly extended trench.

Dates of the 2022 season will be announced here and via email early in 2022

(subject to any new Covid restrictions)

Email if you wish to be emailed on CAP updates

  Application form, fees and other details on the 'How to Join' page

Latest News

A 20 metre new extension

to the excavation has been

cleared ready for 2022.

We have also acquired a

secure mobile site office

to replace our aged site

marquee. So no more blown

down or leaking site tents.

See Publications page for update 2022 edition of our site manual 'To CAP it all'


Culver Project

The 2021 season saw a return to Trench 7 in the centre of our defended Romano-British settlement to further investigate the features we uncovered in 2018-19 (2020 being cancelled due to Covid).  Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and students, the three year's efforts have revealed multiple post holes, large intercutting pits and possible hearths/kilns within Roman-period layers  that are full of a wide variety of pottery, including finewares and samian, and other artefacts including fibula brooches, and bone pins. The coins seem to suggest the main phase of this area to be 2nd-3rd century.

The 2021 season has seen the pits grow even deeper and larger and a new figure-of-eight feature appear beneath the chalk surrounded pile of burnt clay and scattered tesserae in F48. Central feature F38 now appears to be a large rectangular pit adjacent to a deep burning pit. The last days revealed the top of several postholes cut through a ditch heading west from F38. Both F38 & 48 to be further excavated in 2022 plus a new 500sqm area to the north.

The artefacts collected are helping to paint the picture of life in the  Sussex Ouse valley in the Roman period.

The western 20m and the area of the E-W road are being backfilled during August 2021

with the remaining area covered to await the 2022 season.

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Culver Project