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Bridge Farm Volunteers

Following the Government's announcement regarding Covid 'Unlocking' we are now able to allow access to  Bridge Farm for Volunteers from the 19th of July.

This year's digging season will extend to August 13th

However, during the week starting the 19th of July we will still have a cohort of 22 students on site and for that week there will be some restrictions on shared facilities, such as the kitchen, so you may prefer to come from the 26th July when the students will have left. 


If you have already given your volunteer dates, then please accept this notice as confirmation, if you have yet to send your dates (or wish to change them), then please respond directly to If unable to attend we can arrange a refund of fees paid.


Because of the extra safety requirements

this year we must ask everyone to formally apply to take part by sending the application form on the 'How to Join' page or just emailing to

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                for CAP covid protocol


Email if you wish to be emailed on CAP updates

CAP thank the HLF Heritage Recovery fund for the generous grant that has supported us through the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

Culver Project

2020: Excavation cancelled but research carried on - see publications page for the newly posted 2014 Post-Ex Report

The 2019 season saw a return to the centre of our defended Romano-British settlement, Trench 7, to further investigate the features we uncovered in 2018.  Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and students, the  two year's efforts revealed multiple post holes, large intercutting pits and possible hearths/kilns within Roman layers of the site that are full of a wide variety of Roman period pottery. The coins so far identified suggest the main phase of this area to be 2nd-3rd century.

2019 saw the pits grow deeper and larger with further excavation and two massive 1m wide postholes with substantial flint and chalk packing discovered adjacent to the road. More decorated Samian pottery, and fibula brooches were collected helping to paint the picture of life in the  Sussex Ouse valley in the Roman period.

During the dig we were visited by a film crew from BBC4's 'Digging for Britain' followed by an interview session for our Director, Rob with Alice Roberts.

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  2011-2019 slide presentation

Culver Project